Driving Lessons in Birmingham, UK

We’ll put you in touch with a local driving instructor who’s great for YOU, so you can start learning today and pass with ease ASAP!

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Why Choose Us?

Because we check all the boxes!


Local Instructors

Our Instructors know the local test routes, they’re your best bet when it comes to getting used to where you could be driving on your test, no nasty surprises!


Friendly Environment

We know that you learn best in a friendly and warm environment which is why patience and understanding is a key pre-requisite for our driving instructors.


Variety of Cars

We can provide lessons in different cars. If there is a different car type that you (or we) think will suit you better, we’ll look into it.


Safety & Ease

Driving with a qualified driving expert isn’t enough, safety is paramount. All cars are fitted with dual car controls in the passenger seat for your driving instructor to take control when required.


Various Languages

If English isn’t your first language, let us know. We have instructors from diverse backgrounds who speak a variety of languages available in the same area.


Value for Money

Unfortunately, there are schools and instructors out there who employ unethical tactics to save time and money. You will receive the best value for your money with us, our students come first!


Professional Competency

Our driving instructors are all ADI qualified, follow the strict DSA code of conduct, have their own wealth of experiences and proven track records!


Customer Care Team

You can get in contact with our customer care team any time if you have any questions or concerns, we will also check in with you from time to time, happy days!

Our 3 Step Approach to Passing

Step 1 is to get in touch today by phone or email.

We’ll book your first lesson with a local instructor and you can start learning!

Once your driving instructor thinks you are ready to take the driving test, book it and pass!


10 Hour Package

  • 10 hour package at £180, that’s only £18.00 per hour!

  • The 10 hour package is great for beginners who are serious about learning how to drive.

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20 Hour Package

  • 20 hour package at £340.00, that’s only £17 per hour!

  • The 20 hour package is for learners who know they have a way to go but are willing to pay in advance for a discount.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between automatic and manual driving lessons?

An automatic car does not have a clutch and the gears are changed for you, which leaves you with 2 pedals, the accelerator and the brake. A manual car requires you to change the gears using the clutch pedal. If you pass your test in an automatic car you are only permitted to drive an automatic car whereas if you pass in a manual car you can drive both.

How many hours of driving lessons do I have to take before I am ready for the test

This varies from person to person. The Driving Standards Agency’s research shows that the average person will need at least 47 hours of lessons and 22 hours of private practice before they pass their test but we aim to get each student through the test much faster.

When do I pay for a driving lesson?

You would normally pay at the end of each lesson before exiting the vehicle. If you choose the 10 hour or 20 hour packages you need to pay upfront.

When's the latest I can cancel or re-arrange a lesson by?

Coming soon.

What documentation do I need to bring on my first lesson?

You will need to bring both parts of your provisional license.

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